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The Featured Pages are in fair shape. Other pages are empty, incomplete, or worse. -sz

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Overview of FOMMX
Experimental Data of FOMMX
Solar Flares
Data Images 2020 A

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Support Zins Lab

The cost of materials for the experimental apparatus has been about \$10,000. One person has contributed \$2,000 in cash and components, which I appreciate. The housing for the apparatus added at least \$10,000 to my house. A new addition of short arms to the interferometer will cost more than $1,000. If you would like to contribute to this project, please email me at stevenzins@gmail.com.

  • Skills Desired for contribution of time.
    • Writing, \LaTeX, esp. mathematical formulae.
    • Physicist. Science writer, heavy in physics.
    • Python programmer for processing experimental data.
    • Programmer/statistician for Python, Mathematica or other statistical package.
    • Sysadmin for iMac, Raspberry Pi, Docuwiki. Adsense and Analytics.
  • Financial contributions would also enable me to pay people for their work.
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