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Main Subjects

Michelson-Morley Experiment

MMX This experiment, described at Michelson–Morley_experiment, was performed in 1887 to investigate the properties of the Luminiferous Ether, an hypothesized light bearing medium. It's outcome opposed the Ether theory specifically, and the wave approach to physics in general.

Fiber-Optic Michelson-Morley Experiment

FOMMX This experiment uses the same principles as the Michelson-Morley Experiment but implements them with optical fiber and fiber-optic components. This is in contrast to MMX, which uses mirrors in free space. Furthermore, previously unrecognized apparatus configurations are expected to oppose special relativity. This experiment has been built and has collected about eight months of data in 2020. Results are not null and are being carefully analysed.

Frame Dragging

Momentum Potential is a little-studied feature of General Relativity. There is a strong, unexpected pattern present in the experimental data of FOMMX that has this form. This is extremely interesting outside of its ironic appearance in FOMMX, which is a test of Special Relativity.

Unified Field Theory in Six Euclidean dimensions with Galilean time

UFT6 This theory has a scope of Newtonian mechanics and gravitation, Electromagnetism, Schrödinger Wave Mechanics, and Special Relativity. This theory led to the development of FOMMX.


Elasticity theory, extended to six dimensions, is the basis of UFT6.


Interferometry is central to both MMX and FOMMX.

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